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Our Services

We provide 24h access to devices in Lab via VPN connection with on site support and remote control of devices which includes power control, reset and additional services. Moreover, with our support, devices can be integrated with CI/CD system to perform automated tests, benchmarks, and to release software to different platforms.

Lab as a Service
CI/CD for Embedded Devices
Yocto BSP Development

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Lab as a Service

  1. Dedicated hosting services

    • A physical space to house your equipment
    • A limited and secured physical access to your equipment
    • Access to devices via a VPN or static, public IPv4 address
  2. Remote control
  3. Remote hands
  4. Assets management
  5. Simplifying and enabling the access for your co-workers

  6. Security
  7. No need to visit the center - send the equipment via a courier of your choice and we will do the entire initial installation and configuration

Our Partners

We work with companies operating in different fields of activity.

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